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genie opener experts in hunterwood

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Genie Garage Door Opener Experts

Our friendly team at Neighborhood Garage Door Repair is excited to give you all the knowledge you need to set up your Genie garage door opener. Deciding to have a Genie shouldn’t be a challenging task. We hope that the information we provide for you will help make this an easy project.

Genie QuietLift 800

This is an affordable option for those that need the ultra-quiet operation of a belt drive opener. Don’t let the cheaper price tag fool you, though. It still comes with heavy-duty lifting capacity to reliably lift up to 500 pounds year after year. 

Great For Speed

For homeowners that want a garage door opener that can open and close the door quickly, go with the Genie Excelerator 1HPc Direct Screw Drive DC. It is a screw drive opener that is stable and fast. This unit comes with two remotes and a wireless keypad.

Easy to Install Garage Door Opener

If you are a DIY kind of person, the Genie 37180u opener would make for a good buy. It has a powerhead that can open a 12” very quickly. Also, it has a wireless remote that has a security feature that will keep people from breaking into your house.

At some point, you might run into an issue with your remote and no longer have your owner’s manual on hand. Sometimes the device just needs to be reprogrammed after an emergency situation or a power outage. When this happens, we want you to be confident in your ability to fix it.

Starting To Program Your Remote

Your Genie will have a clearly marked button that says “Learn Code” on it. You will need to remove the lens cover that is on the motor around the light bulb area. When you press the button, you will see a rapidly blinking light that will stop after you press the button that is in need of reprogramming.

It’s important to ensure you put the remote is no further than two feet away during these steps. This allows for the remote coding to pair with the specific frequency. When your remote is further away it prevents it from programming properly and can make the process much longer.

Safety Always Comes First

During the entirety of the programming process, it is important that others, especially children, be kept away. You never know when a door can malfunction and slam closed. If you have multiple doors that need to be reprogrammed then you will still follow the same steps we have listed above.

Safety should always come first when you are dealing with garage doors. They are heavy, powerful equipment that, most of the time, are connected to some sort of power control board and should be dealt with carefully. Even though chances are low of an emergency situation happening, it is better to be safe than sorry.


The Genie opener is able to work on all different garage door models from many companies. If you aren’t sure that your make and model of garage door is able to be programmed with the Genie, then give us a call and we can help you out. If for some reason, the Genie doesn’t work with your door, we can help find a solution for you.

We Are Here For You

There might come a time when you just need a little advice but aren’t sure where to turn. You can always find things online, but why not turn to the professional? This is what we do for a living and we love helping others.

If you run into any issues while trying to program your Genie garage door opener, give our friendly staff a call. Neighborhood Garage Door Repair is always going to be there for you, even if you just have questions. We can’t wait to help you with every step of your garage door journey.

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