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modern garage doors in pearland

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Ready for a Modern Garage Door?

Purchasing a garage door is one of the most important things you will do for your home. The team at Garage Door Repair Services knows choosing the right one can get overwhelming when you’re looking at all the options. Here are some things that will help you choose the right garage door style that pairs wells with your home.

Consider Your Home’s Exterior

You need to look at your home’s exterior before you look at all your other options. A garage door that complements your home will add to the curb appeal of your property. This is a great investment in your home and you want to make sure you consider all of your options.

Another area to think about is the size of your space. How do you want your garage to open? Garage doors roll up, slide to the side, or swing out. If you think first about the function you want, it will help you choose the style.

What Styles Are Available?

Four types of styles are used in manufacturing garage doors. These usually include traditional, contemporary, carriage, and raised-panel. Here’s a look at each one.


Traditional style doors are usually made to roll up into the ceiling of the garage. The track has a mechanism placed inside that allows the door to roll up and conveniently stay out of the way. These are also called sectional doors because the panels roll up one section at a time.


These types pair well with contemporary houses that have a clean, sleek finish. The doors are usually crafted with materials like glass or frosted panes. They also have horizontal and vertical lines that tend to complement modern home designs.


Carriage doors swing out by using hinges on either side of the door. People consider them classic and they are easy to modernize. They usually have just two panels with decorative handles on the opening.


Other than traditional, raised-panel doors are the most common. This type is versatile because you can choose any type of material for the door. You even have the option of choosing between short or long raised panels.

Combining Your Taste & Budget

Take time and compare different brands and the costs of the style you want. A new garage door can cost anywhere from $800-9,000 depending on the installation and materials you choose. It’s also important that you compare different brands such as:

  • Wayne Dalton
  • Raynor
  • Clopay
  • Liftmaster
  • And many others

A professional garage door company will guide you through the process of choosing the style and materials that fit with your home’s current design.

Benefits Of Different Styles

There are so many benefits to having different styles to choose from. The right style will give a stylish appearance to your home and let you customize other parts of the door. Once you pick the type you want, you can from other panels, color, and window options.

If you need help choosing the right garage door style, the staff at Garage Door Repair Services is always available when need us. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we will point you in the right direction.


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